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The Czech Red Cross tested GINA at a rally in the centre of Prague

Where help is needed, there is the Czech Red Cross and often also GINA. In mid-October, Czech Red Cross paramedics assisted rescue workers at a reported rally on Wenceslas Square in the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic. The paramedics monitored the crowd and were ready to help if any of the participants found themselves in a medical emergency. On that occasion, six teams tried out an app from GINA to help them navigate the crowd and their commander to manage the event.

Radim Dongres, the deputy commander of the Humanitarian Unit of the Czech Red Cross and the commander of the intervention for the Czech Red Cross, sat in the command tent with members of the Prague Emergency Medical Service. A digital map in the GINA Central application provided a complete overview of the situation, so the intervention commander monitored and controlled the action through the computer. If necessary, the system makes it easy to mark a location on the map, send a specific team to it and track its route at all times. This not only speeds up and streamlines the communication, but above all the action itself.


Marked and named teams can also be tracked on a shared map, which is also available to rescuers. There, not only the pairs of the CRC paramedics are displayed, but also the location of ambulances including their equipment. The whole system then allows all involved emergency services to work together effectively.

GINA Central is a digital map with features to coordinate m