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Our solution streamlines daily patrols and emergency situations. Keep track of your fleet, the movements of field patrols, and the clients they accompany. Communicate with teams via PTT, remotely check task performance, and receive alerts. Choose our system for effective communication and response and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're always prepared.



Vybavte své jednotky moderní technologií, která zefektivní pravidelné kontroly zadaných oblastí i schopnost odhalit potenciální hrozby.

VIP protection

The safety and security of high-profile individuals are of utmost importance, and clients must feel safe and able to call for help from anywhere.

Armed response

In the event of an intrusion alert or a client in need, armed security personnel must be dispatched quickly and effectively with precise instructions communicated to all involved parties.


When it comes to the secure transport of cash and assets, it is essential to keep an eye on the position of the vehicle at all times, and an immediate response is required in the event of a threat.


Detect suspicious activity or security breaches by monitoring a designated area with sensors or CCTVs and automatically dispatch available units upon receiving alerts.

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Clients can rest assured that their designated areas are being regularly checked for any suspicious activity. High-profile individuals can feel safe and secure, with easy access to help from anywhere. In the event of an intrusion alert or threat, armed security personnel are dispatched quickly. With our platform, you can track unit movements, collect and share up-to-date information, and receive alerts if any of the people are in danger.


Command centre

GINA Central

Modern mapping tool designed for security management that facilitates data collection, connection to security databases, or the location and status of vehicles, personnel, and VIPs.

Field staff

GINA Mobile

Ideal for field units that need to stay informed at all times. The mobile app includes maps, the locations of other units, points of interest such as checkpoints, and the ability to request reinforcements. 

Vehicles and assets

GINA Tablet

Tablet navigation guides units to the scene quickly and accurately. They can track the position of other vehicles and units in real time and navigate through suggested routes that take obstacles and hazards into account.


Monitor the movement of vehicles transporting money or valuable cargo. Keep an eye on their speed and check the map to see if they are following scheduled routes.




Link your existing trackers, radios, or CAD system into our system. We can also provide complete equipment solutions from A to Z.


Perfect situational awareness all the time. Keep all reports and multimedia in one place where you can refer back to them.

Faster response

The system improves operability with safety features that speed up responses to unexpected situations, reduce theft and damage to equipment, and protect staff and assets.

  • Can the various databases we already have be integrated into your system?
    Our system supports a wide variety of formats and databases whether by import or API integration.
  • Our organisation uses a specific format of documents for field data collection. Is it possible to use it in your system?
    Our system is fully configurable according to your needs. Is it also possible to edit the reports and share them with people outside of the organisation for example volunteers who will be able to fill in the questionnaires but will not have full access to your system.
  • For how long is the data stored in your system?
    Our system does not restrict this. It all depends on the size of the database and internal regulations such as the GDPR.
  • What installation options do you offer?
    Our solution can be hosted, can run on your infrastructure, in the cloud, but also supports use on a private LTE network.
  • Can the GINA system be purchased as a one-time purchase, or does it work on a subscription basis?
    The customer can choose to pay for the system as a one-time payment, or to purchase a subscription.
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