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Command and Control

Professional security forces deserve the best technology. Whether it is ensuring the internal security of the state, guarding ammunition depots and strategic facilities, managing riots, or providing security services to businesses or individuals. In areas where the situation changes from hour to hour and sometimes a stable mobile signal cannot be relied upon, visibility and the ability to control units on the ground quickly and accurately is essential. Be prepared, adapt to unexpected events and act without hesitation.


Map overview

Be operational and always keep track. The digital map can show up to 100 000 units on a single screen, their equipment, as well as evacuation or assembly points.

Prepared scenarios

You cannot be prepared for all situations, but you can create scenarios for some in advance. If necessary, you can easily find them in the system and follow the set processes.

Observe your surroundings

Drones are small, fast and may aim to harm you. Do not underestimate the threats and incorporate advanced radars into the system, automatically patrol the area around strategic sites and if an intruder appears, know about it immediately.

Field coordination

Modern military and security forces increasingly rely on operational guidance in the field. Make your command centre wherever you need it. Even in the middle of a desert.

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Equip your troops with technology that allows them to prepare on the fly with pre-defined scenarios. Don't be affected by a mobile signal outage thanks fallback to satellite or radio networks. Track real-time patrol movements, nearest points of interest or view current incidents, and navigate units smartly and safely with a few clicks on a digital map.


Command centre

GINA Central

Modern mapping tool designed for mission management that facilitates not only the collection of data for the operations officer, but more importantly the orientation of people in the field.

Field staff

GINA Mobile

Ideal for quick reaction forces, security specialists or anyone who needs to stay informed at all times. The mobile app provides maps, points of interest, as well as the ability to call for reinforcements.

GINA Trackers

Link drones, radios, or mobile trackers into one system. Satellite trackers can come in handy in the mountains or remote areas with poor reception.




Large numbers of people and vehicles in the field are not a problem. Our technology can display up to 100,000 units without a system slowdown.


Don't waste time explaining the location information over the radio. Orient yourself using the digital map's points of interest, and in an emergency, call for assistance by pressing the SOS button.


All unit movements and locations, communication and multimedia are archived. Improve the efficiency of patrols by analyzing the footage. When in doubt, simply trace and prove.

  • Can the various databases we already have be integrated into your system?
    Our system supports a wide variety of formats and databases whether by import or API integration.
  • Our organisation uses a specific format of documents for field data collection. Is it possible to use it in your system?
    Our system is fully configurable according to your needs. Is it also possible to edit the reports and share them with people outside of the organisation for example volunteers who will be able to fill in the questionnaires but will not have full access to your system.
  • For how long is the data stored in your system?
    Our system does not restrict this. It all depends on the size of the database and internal regulations such as the GDPR.
  • What installation options do you offer?
    Our solution can be hosted, can run on your infrastructure, in the cloud, but also supports use on a private LTE network.
  • Can the GINA system be purchased as a one-time purchase, or does it work on a subscription basis?
    The customer can choose to pay for the system as a one-time payment, or to purchase a subscription.
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