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Are your units rushing into an unfamiliar area? Every wrong turn can have immeasurable consequences. Whether you are a firefighter responding to an emergency or a quick reaction forces operator rescuing an important client in distress, there is no room for error. Get the most accurate information about the location you are sending units to, equip them with reliable navigation, and prepare them before they arrive on the scene.


Fast response

Time starts running from when the incident is reported. All information is relayed to each other via radios, important details can be lost in a stressful situation, and manually entering an address into the navigation system is slow. Modern technology can handle all of this for you automatically.

Emergency navigation

Fire reports may not be accurate, and navigation guides you and other units to an approximate location where smoke is rising. In addition, conventional navigation will try to steer you away from the scene, but you need to get to the centre of the action. Share your location with others, update information on the fly, and be there faster.

Situational awareness

A dispatcher will send multiple units to an incident, but each unit is working with different information and must communicate it to each other in a complex way. In doing so, the first unit to arrive at the incident can share photos and videos of the scene with the others, clarify the number of injured, or plan the next course of action.

Status updates

As a security manager you are in a situation when an important client is in the middle of an crisis situation, and you need to get to them as soon as possible? Track the movement of other quick reaction force units on the map, prioritize your efforts, and the moment you pick up the client, let others know with one click and find the safest way back.

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Mark the accurate location of the incident for other units, use emergency navigation to guide you through one-way routes directly to the scene. Reduce arrival times and focus on response instead of repeating information. View the nearest defibrillators, a cadastral map, digitised building plans, request information on persons and vehicles on your tablet, assign zones to units and keep track even when several different emergency services are on site.


Command centre

GINA Dispatch

A lightweight case management system with units tracking and simple dispatching. Manage and update information, all automatically sent to responding units.

Emergency vehicles

GINA Tablet

From receipt of information about the response to its completion and evaluation. Keep up-to-date information, plans, instructions, photos, maps, and positions of units in the field at your fingertips. Built-in navigation considers vehicle attributes and guides responders to the scene as quickly as possible.




Need an access to a specific database to visualize on the map? Or would you benefit from an integrated crash recovery system? We can tailor our solution to your needs.


Connect your trackers, radios, or CAD system from various manufacturers to our system. But we can also equip you from A to Z when needed.


Perfect overview of the situation during and after the response. Keep all reports and multimedia in one place where you can refer back to them.

  • Can the various databases we already have be integrated into your system?
    Our system supports a wide variety of formats and databases whether by import or API integration.
  • Our organisation uses a specific format of documents for field data collection. Is it possible to use it in your system?
    Our system is fully configurable according to your needs. Is it also possible to edit the reports and share them with people outside of the organisation for example volunteers who will be able to fill in the questionnaires but will not have full access to your system.
  • For how long is the data stored in your system?
    Our system does not restrict this. It all depends on the size of the database and internal regulations such as the GDPR.
  • What installation options do you offer?
    Our solution can be hosted, can run on your infrastructure, in the cloud, but also supports use on a private LTE network.
  • Can the GINA system be purchased as a one-time purchase, or does it work on a subscription basis?
    The customer can choose to pay for the system as a one-time payment, or to purchase a subscription.
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