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Ensuring the safety of aid workers, working in challenging environments is not easy. With a modern system, a security manager can not only keep track of the movement of workers in the field, their drivers' behaviour, or current threats, but can also remotely manage them, collect data directly from the field, or immediately respond to emergencies.


Duty of care

Employees working in hazardous environments must not only feel safe, but they must be protected.


Collecting questionnaires and photos from the field and processing them is very inefficient in countries with poor signal. Yet it can be automated and transparent.

Asset protection

Theft of cars or loss of equipment are significant losses. All can be prevented using monitoring devices, sensors with instant alerts.

Fleet management

Forget paper logbooks. Keep track of mileage, vehicle location, crew, and traffic violations on your computer.

Natural disasters

Devastating earthquakes or flash floods cause chaos. Keep track of your field personnel even in escalated situations and respond immediately.

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Keep control of employees, vehicles and collected data. Oversee the task completion and effectively guard the assets you are responsible for. View security incidents and use them for movement planning. Complete your overview with information on current events in the region and react accordingly. Ensure the best conditions for your employees and ensure their safety, whether you are making decisions on site or from another country.


Command centre

GINA Central

Modern mapping tool designed for security management that facilitates data collection, combines security and project related data, or the location and status of personnel and vehicles.

Field staff


Turn your smart phone into a professional tracking tool. The safety assistant app allows you to collect data from the field with offline support, call for help or get notified when entering a high-risk area.

Vehicles and assets

GINA Trackers

Link mobile trackers from different manufacturers into one system. Satellite trackers or radios can be used in the mountains or in more remote areas with poor signal.

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Management from abroad

Assign and monitor tasks, check positions, coordinate local staff, all conveniently remotely even from abroad.


The mobile app can replace the paper map and questionnaires. Digitalize your paper forms and fill them directly from the field including photos. View, analyze and report on everything in the system and export reports.

Link databases

View points of interest, incident alerts and other relevant information from freely available or imported databases on a map.


Map the high-risk areas and automatically receive notifications when crossing their boundaries.

  • Can the various databases we already have be integrated into your system?
    Our system supports a wide variety of formats and databases whether by import or API integration.
  • Our organisation uses a specific format of documents for field data collection. Is it possible to use it in your system?
    Our system is fully configurable according to your needs. Is it also possible to edit the reports and share them with people outside of the organisation for example volunteers who will be able to fill in the questionnaires but will not have full access to your system.
  • For how long is the data stored in your system?
    Our system does not restrict this. It all depends on the size of the database and internal regulations such as the GDPR.
  • What installation options do you offer?
    Our solution can be hosted, can run on your infrastructure, in the cloud, but also supports use on a private LTE network.
  • Can the GINA system be purchased as a one-time purchase, or does it work on a subscription basis?
    The customer can choose to pay for the system as a one-time payment, or to purchase a subscription.
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