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Time is the most precious thing we have. With our situational awareness system, you won't lose another second. Keep up-to-date with the situation in the field, dispatch and coordinate units and make the best decisions to protect people and valuable assets.

Solution for your industry 

Solution for your industry 

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Upgrade to a modern mapping system for unit tracking, coordination, and information sharing, enabling you to monitor safety, receive alerts, and evaluate response effectiveness.


Perfect overview

In our tactical map, you get a complete overview of the location and status of field units, you can share multimedia, analyze data, and create a report, but above all manage large operations and daily tasks, even in multi-organization events.

Situational awareness

Always be connected with your colleagues, whether you are a member of the unit or the commander of the operation. Coordination is easier and more efficient thanks to a shared map with unit positioning, live data feeds and tactical whiteboarding.

Emergency navigation

Equip your units with a professional navigation to get to the scene as quickly as possible. The devices work also in the field, for quickly changing statuses, taking photos or video streams, and sharing information directly from the field with other units.

Proven interoperability

Our system can connect radios, mobile phones, trackers, sensors, or cameras into one platform, regardless of the manufacturer. Make the most of your current equipment or equip yourself from scratch with us.

Radim Dongres

Deputy commander of the Humanitarian Unit, Czech Red Cross

"Many of our members are volunteers who go out from their homes to the scene. At a time like this, it's great to have an app that lets you see on a map how people are converging on the scene. You can then coordinate much better, for example, by talking to drivers."


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Try it

We will provide you with a demo that you can try out without obligation so that its setup is as close to your needs as possible

Save lives

Finally we will arrange installation, user training and help you set up the system. Our support centre professionals are always available to assist you if needed.

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