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GINA Software announces key collaboration with Garmin

Thanks to strategic relationship between Garmin and GINA Software, thousands of humanitarians working in the world’s most challenging environments can be better protected by using Garmin’s inReach personal satellite communicators connected into GINA Central resource coordination platform.

GINA Software, a leading global security management solution, is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with Garmin® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), bringing Garmin inReach® satellite communication devices to its GINA Central modern security management tool. The collaboration establishes a comprehensive crisis communication framework that helps companies safeguard staff and assets while coordinating teams and exchanging crucial information in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

“We at GINA are constantly working to provide best-in-class innovative solutions to security management teams across the globe,” said Vaclav Pizl, GINA Chief Sales Officer. “By bringing inReach’s extensive satellite communication capabilities to GINA’s command and control tool, organizations can help ensure the safety and of their staff and assets while responding to humanitarian crises and disasters in real time.”

GINA will leverage inReach’s compact and reliable personal communication capabilities to assist international organizations as they coordinate and respond to a range of crises and disasters including pandemic-related staffing security functions for remote area vaccinations sites, medical convoys, natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts and more.

“Garmin is proud to team up with GINA to create a high-quality, reliable system that brings the benefits of inReach communication devices to organizations as they work to stabilize crisis regions around the world,” said Scott Marquis, Garmin inReach Pro sales manager.