Enhanced Rescue Operations with AR and 5G Connectivity

The goal of this project is to develop a platform that integrates augmented reality (AR) and 5G communication technologies for image sharing and real-time data visualization, specifically tailored for integrated rescue systems (IRS). This collaboration involves GINA Software s.r.o. and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of the Brno University of Technology (VUT).

Duration: July 2023 – December 2025

Funding: The project is co-funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the TREND program and the Czech Recovery Plan by the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the European Union.

Key Objectives

  1. Augmented Reality and 5G Integration:
    • Develop AR smart glasses with 5G modules to enable real-time video streaming and situational awareness in low-visibility environments such as burning buildings.
    • Implement high-reliability, low-latency 5G communications in the GINA platform to ensure seamless video and image transmission.
  2. Data Visualization and Image Sharing:
    • Create a platform for sharing real-time video from AR glasses to GINA tablets for incident coordination.
    • Store intervention videos on the platform for post-action analysis, leveraging the high throughput of 5G technology.
  3. Agile Web-Based Dispatch System:
    • Develop a low-cost, agile web-based dispatch system for third-world countries (e.g., Africa) that cannot afford expensive dispatch systems.
    • Ensure that the system is user-friendly, quick to deploy, and capable of efficiently coordinating rescue efforts.

Research Components

  • 5G Module Integration: Integrate 5G modules into AR smart glasses, ensuring high-quality video processing and low-latency communication.
  • Navigation Efficiency: Explore efficient navigation algorithms using pre-mapped environments.
  • Shared Virtual Reality: Explore the use of shared virtual reality elements, focusing on multiplayer capabilities and real-time sharing of positional and visual data.

Expected Impact: The project aims to enhance the operational capabilities of rescue teams by providing them with advanced tools for communication, navigation, and situational awareness. This will not only improve response times and efficiency but also significantly increase the safety of both rescuers and those in need of rescue.

Broader Implications: The innovations developed through this project will have global applications, particularly in increasing the effectiveness of rescue operations in challenging environments and improving coordination between different rescue units.

This initiative aligns with GINA Software’s mission to save lives through technology by leveraging the latest advances in augmented reality and 5G communications. Through this project, GINA aims to set a new standard for real-time visual communication in emergency response, ensuring that rescue teams have the tools they need to act quickly and decisively.