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GINA in the fight against covid-19

We at GINA are always looking for challenges in which we are able to respond quickly to current critical situations in the world. Whether it is a humanitarian crisis, a pandemic or a natural disaster, we are able to implement our solutions in many different scenarios in which we are able to help.

In response to the situation and the spread of coronavirus around the world, we have put together the main functionalities of our applications and the ways in which they can help fight the spread or monitor the infection.


Data on the number of infected COVID-19 can be easily viewed in GINA Central. Subsequently, individual cases can be filtered by region and have an overview of all types of cases, including the number of infected, cured, etc.

Our solution will help crisis management to control the situation, ensure a perfect overview in each region and enable further data analysis. Data updates can be done both manually and automatically using eg KML or geoJSON feed.


Data shared in a common operational situation helps all stakeholders to gain a better overview of unit movements, share drawings, or POIs.

Busy places such as border crossings can be easily controlled and effectively managed by all participating units involved in COVID-19 preventive measures.

Public Safety Organizations, hygienists, or other authorized personnel involved in resolving the crisis may have access to this data. Data are inserted into the map in the Coordination Centre using GINA Central, importing data from other sources, or retrieved directly from the field using GINA GO or GINA Portal.