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GINA celebrates 10th anniversary

We have been saving lives since 2010. This year, GINA is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Let’s remember the most important moments in its history.

International and non-governmental organizations ensuring help during humanitarian crises and disasters happening all over the world use GINA as a solution for security management, protection, and localization of personnel or people important for managing their missions. Thanks to a unique opportunity to integrate widely used radio communication stations into the GINA System, tens of thousands of workers in the most dangerous places all over the world are better protected.

The system directly impacts people’s security and coordination and involves more than 250,000 active users in 50 countries around the world. Among GINA’s customers, there are organizations employing more than 20,000 members who are equipped with walkie-talkies connected to the system. These people are informed about security risks and coordinated by GINA operators.

Let’s remember the most important moments in its history.

HAITI (2010)

The software proved its value for the first t