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Dukovany nuclear power plant firefighters use GINA

Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant firefighters take full advantage of the modern GINA intervention system, which, in addition to IRS, is used by international UN and other humanitarian organizations in more than 30 countries.

GINA provides key information about the route, places and intervention objects before they arrive, significantly reducing the time of arrival and eventual intervention. By using the pan-European rescue system, it has strengthened its technical equipment not only to fulfill its primary tasks in the power plant, but also to the inhabitants of its region.

Nuclear power plants have traditionally been one of the most advanced and efficient devices in terms of electricity generation and technology. At the same time, they are subject to the highest demands for reliability and safety of operation. Their equipment is therefore continuously upgraded during operation using new technologies and methods. The same maintenance principle as production equipment goes through all traffic and security segments.

A direct part of nuclear power plants is usually also a unit of professional firefighters. Their overriding task is possible rapid and effective intervention and also fire prevention in the power plant. In Dukovany 64 professional firefighters (in four shifts) are in continuous operation and thanks to the location of the power plant they provide their professional assistance in the surrounding villages in the South Moravian Region and the Vysočina Region if necessary. Newly they star