GINA Software announces key collaboration with Garmin

Thanks to strategic relationship between Garmin and GINA Software, thousands of humanitarians working in the world’s most challenging environments can be better protected by using Garmin’s inReach

personal satellite communicators connected into GINA Central resource coordination platform.

GINA Software, a leading global security management solution, is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with Garmin® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), bringing Garmin inReach® satellite communication devices to its GINA Central modern security management tool. The collaboration establishes a comprehensive crisis communication framework that helps companies safeguard staff and assets while coordinating teams and exchanging crucial information in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

“We at GINA are constantly working to provide best-in-class innovative solutions to security management teams across the globe,” said Vaclav Pizl, GINA Chief Sales Officer. “By bringing inReach’s extensive satellite communication capabilities to GINA’s command and control tool, organizations can help ensure the safety and of their staff and assets while responding to humanitarian crises and disasters in real time.”

GINA will leverage inReach’s compact and reliable personal communication capabilities to assist international organizations as they coordinate and respond to a range of crises and disasters including pandemic-related staffing security functions for remote area vaccinations sites, medical convoys, natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts and more.

“Garmin is proud to team up with GINA to create a high-quality, reliable system that brings the benefits of inReach communication devices to organizations as they work to stabilize crisis regions around the world,” said Scott Marquis, Garmin inReach Pro sales manager.


GINA Central is designed to provide public safety organizations and humanitarian organizations with a command & control tool. GINA System is a real-time field coordination system which can be used as a unified platform for tracking, security management and field staff coordination. The mail goal of GINA is to improve the efficiency of both daily and large-scale operations using technology in order to minimize the damages and prevent any casualties. The ultimate tool for reaching this goal is an interactive map which provides a constant real-time visibility of all units on top of dynamic situational data and variety of map bases. This gives the commanders rich data set for their well-informed decisions.


Movement Tracking and History analysis

  • Securely track and visualize the locations of vehicles and staff in real time on the same single screen using variety of devices including Garmin inReach products.
  • Have constant access to detailed history and replay the situation in a video-like manner.

Emergency alert

  • Every user of GINA has the ability to report an emergency which is followed by an automatic notification such as email or SMS. Garmin users can depress the Garmin SOS button which can be linked to GEOS (optional).


  • Create custom geo-fences and use border crossing detection triggering an Emergency alert. Define safe and dangerous areas and use the possibility to set its advanced properties such as speed limit or time validity for curfew purposes.

Variety of map types

  • User can select from variety of map bases according to selected terrain or location. Possibility to store offline map sources to minimize data traffic in remote operations with low bandwidth areas.

Messaging and group chat

  • Send individual or group messages. Fast communication between your field staff ensures quick synchronization with minimal mobile data usage and is accessible everywhere via GSM or Iridium network.

Data collection and Reporting

  • Collect data reports including location information, security incidents, pictures and other project related data or import them from already existing databases.
  • All actions and events are logged and stored for a definable period. Create your own report structure and use automated reporting to inform your managers.

Data analysis

  • Integrate your own security or project data into the platform, visualize it directly in the map together with your units’ positions to increase the safety and security of your staff.

For more information visit GINA Central page or download Product list.


International and non-governmental organizations ensuring help during humanitarian crises and disasters happening all over the world use GINA as a solution for security management, protection, and localization of people important for managing their missions. Thanks to unique combination of available technology is GINA ideal tool for security and coordination in conflict areas, tens of thousands of workers helping in the most dangerous places all over the world are better protected. The system directly impacts the people’s security and coordination; involves more than 250,000 active users in 50 countries of the world. Among GINA’s customers, there are organizations employing more than 20,000 people who are equipped with radio devices, trackers or mobile devices connected to the system. These people are informed about security risks and coordinated by GINA operators.


Garmin inReach Professional provides customized business solutions and subscription plans that cost effectively bring Garmin’s inReach personal satellite communication devices to teams, organizations, and businesses. Tailored to businesses and organizations of any size, inReach Pro subscription plans provide a complete remote communications and asset tracking solution that helps teams and remote workers stay connected in the field. For more information, visit, email, connect with us at,,, and follow for the latest Saved by Garmin stories. Download inReach Case study or Press news.

We at GINA are always looking for challenges in which we can assist international organizations and respond quickly to current critical situations in the world. Whether it is a humanitarian crisis, a pandemic, or a natural disaster, we can implement our solutions in many different scenarios in which we can help.

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