GINA has become a member of the European Emergency Number Associaton

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) is an organization that brings together more than 1,500 emergency services representatives from more than 80 countries around the world, more than 100 solution providers and researchers.

Our common goal is to increase the security, availability and modernization of services that provide people with the necessary security and effective assistance in critical situations. It is these values that are aligned with the GINA mission, so we are very pleased to be part of a community that also brings together big radio manufacturers such as Motorola, Airbus or Nokia, car manufacturers Ford and Hyundai, network service providers Orange, Huawei or Telefonica, the manufacturer of drones DJI or world leaders in the field of IT and cloud services Google and Microsoft.

EENA is also trying to respond to current events in the world, and so a joint initiative of companies has emerged, which creates tools suitable for fighting against COVID-19 pandemics, in which GINA is also involved with its tools. This allows companies to effectively share their know-how and create common solutions to prevent and eliminate a pandemic more quickly.


Over the years, EENA has become the main reference points in the field of European and International rescue services. As a result, EENA members have access to high-quality resources and can benefit from a large network of public safety professionals from around the world.

We at GINA are very happy to be officially part of this association of strong players. We recognize that the technologies, products and services available in the public safety market are extremely important in helping to improve all operations in the emergency chain. Equally crucial is the mutual cooperation of the stakeholders, which will ultimately affect the safety and availability of emergency services. And that remains the main common mission of EENA and GINA.