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"It makes sense to get up in the morning to work in GINA" new CTO Marek Rehulka

Marek Rehulka first thought about joining GINA five years ago, but eventually decided to gain more experience by working for the world's largest technology companies and US government organisations. He accepted the offer from GINA only this year and in September he took up the position of CTO. Having experienced one of the largest global hacking attacks at a previous company, he knows how important cybersecurity is. At the same time, he sees that everything starts and ends with people, so he wants to promote training and simplify routine work in the team, where he immediately fit in.

hile studying at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology, he joined CUTTER Systems, where he worked, among other things, on locating miners in mines and speeding up production in the automotive industry. "We worked both in .NET technologies and on Android. It was the basic programming training that made me work my way up," lists the new CTO of GINA.