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A professional platform with a digital collaborative map enabling efficient mission and security management from receiving an emergency call to evaluation.




View not only all your units, but also cooperating teams on one map. Get perfect situational awareness and make the best decisions.


Choose from a range of map bases, connect databases, draw geofences on the map and use the platform to suit your needs.


Forget notepads. Use the system to trace back the location of units over time or photos from an incident response and create a report.

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  • Tracking the location of units on the map

  • View SOS calls and unit locations

  • Manage current incidents

  • Units dispatching

  • Various map bases including your own

  • Connect incident databases

  • Drawing on the map and geofencing

  • Online sharing of multimedia from the field and CCTV cameras

  • Interactive timeline

  • Automated report generation

  • Analytical features

  • Can the various databases we already have be integrated into your system?
    Our system supports a wide variety of formats and databases whether by import or API integration.
  • Our organisation uses a specific format of documents for field data collection. Is it possible to use it in your system?
    Our system is fully configurable according to your needs. Is it also possible to edit the reports and share them with people outside of the organisation for example volunteers who will be able to fill in the questionnaires but will not have full access to your system.
  • For how long is the data stored in your system?
    Our system does not restrict this. It all depends on the size of the database and internal regulations such as the GDPR.
  • What installation options do you offer?
    Our solution can be hosted, can run on your infrastructure, in the cloud, but also supports use on a private LTE network.
  • Can the GINA system be purchased as a one-time purchase, or does it work on a subscription basis?
    The customer can choose to pay for the system as a one-time payment, or to purchase a subscription.
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